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Certified Pond Wrecker Flexfit L/XL

Certified Pond Wrecker Flexfit L/XL


The "Certified Pond Wrecker, Big Fish Only" Hat is the most legit hat you've seen since the last style we put out. Sure there's other hat companies, but do they reinforce their hats with steel plates so you can headbutt a dude who stole your fishing spot? I didn't think so! Yeah... we don't do that either, just makes the hat too heavy, plus there's enough water for everyone to fish but you ain't hooking monsters unless you're in this hat! If you're still reading this, your wasting time, grab a hat and get fishing!


BRAND:  Richardson 110 Flex

COLOR: Black
SHAPE: Casual Structured
FABRIC: Cotton Twill/Polyester Mesh
VISOR: Precurved
SWEATBAND: Comfort Stretch
LG-XL (7 3/8 - 7 5/8)
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